The HappySoaps Rewards Programme.

From now on, you will get rewarded for every purchase you make - for real! And the rewards are pretty amazing…

Sign Up

Receive 5pts when you register and create an account.

Make an Order

Place an order and receive 1pt for every €1 spent.

Leave a Review

Receive 10pts for a review on our products.

Refer a Friend

Receive 30pts when a friend you've recommended makes an order.

Loyalty Programme

Get Rewarded

Who doesn’t just love a good deal? Here at HappySoaps Malta, we really want to give back something to our customers, especially those who come back time and time again. For this reason, we’re very excited to launch our loyalty programme!

Loyalty Programme

How do I earn points?

  • Each euro spent on our website will award you 1 point.
  • New sign-ups receive 5 points to start with.
  • Referring a friend to our website will reward you both 30 points!
  • Once you reach 200 points you are able to redeem a 20 euro coupon code that can be used on your future purchase