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You’re One In Melon Body Wash Bar

This is the plastic-free replacement for the traditional shower gel bottle. Cleanse and care for your body with the best ingredients. The shea butter softens the skin. The coconut and olive oil provide optimal nutrition and hydration. This energetic Body Wash Bar smells intensely like melon. The perfect Bar for a positive boost!

Purple Rain Shampoo

A deep, nourishing cleansing that smells wonderfully of lavender. Our Purple Rain Shampoo Bar is named after the beautiful song by Prince for a reason; it is impossible not to think about the song while using this soothing Shampoo Bar🙂

Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Deodorant

Our winning combination! The eucalyptus and lemongrass give this deo a stimulating and earthy scent. A really activating deodorant with a nice fragrance explosion. Eucalyptus is a proven positive stimulant. Lemongrass also gives the deodorant a cheerful vibe. A boost in a jar! The deodorant is extremely effective against sweat due to the clever composition of natural ingredients. In addition, the jar easily lasts 2 to 3 months. Boost it up!

Orange Facial Cleanser

The plastic facial cleansers can go out! This facial cleanser bar from HappySoaps contains no chemical mess, polluting packaging or palm oil. This is a better, happier and healthier alternative. This bar contains delicious Orange. Wash your face with a summer fruit! Smell this cheerful bar and you will immediately get into the holiday mood. Mediterranean atmosphere, warm temperature, the sea! Due to the natural ingredients, your skin is cleansed in a strong (but gentle on the skin) way. Perfect to have a summer feeling anytime, anywhere!

Bath Bombs

Enjoy an intensely scented and sparkling bath with these Bath Bombs. Despite the small size, you can fill a bath with cheerful and tasty bubbles in no time with just one or two plastic-free Bath Bombs. This variant contains 8 tropical scents to vary wonderfully. Healthy for your body, good for your wallet and better for the environment.

Green Tea Conditioner

Cheerful, sparkling and fresh in green. The wonderfully sweet scent and composition of natural ingredients will automatically put a big smile on your face. The Conditioner Bar makes your hair wonderfully soft. For an optimal hairday, every day!

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