You’re One in a Melon Gift Box
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You’re One in a Melon Gift Box


For which hair types?
For all hair types but a great box for curly and fizzy hair.

What’s included:


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In stock

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You’re One In Melon Body Wash Bar

This is the plastic-free replacement for the traditional shower gel bottle. Cleanse and care for your body with the best ingredients. The shea butter softens the skin. The coconut and olive oil provide optimal nutrition and hydration. This energetic Body Wash Bar smells intensely like melon. The perfect Bar for a positive boost!

You’re One in Melon Shampoo

How do you sum up a Shampoo Bar that is over-the-top cheerful? The words energetic, fit, sweet, happy, optimistic and playful describe our You’re One in a Melon Shampoo Bar. The Shampoo Bar smells wonderfully of melon and cherry flower. A guaranteed fragrance explosion of deliciously sweet elements. For a sweet start to the day !

Melon Power Conditioner

This Bar is called Melon Power because of the versatile power of melon. It smells wonderfully sweet and is of course powerful for both your hair and your scalp. A real one in a melon! And did we mention that the Bar smells fantastic? Guaranteed a happy mood after use. The Conditioner Bar makes your hair wonderfully soft. It is suitable for all hair types.

Dark Wooden Rack

This wooden Shampoo Bar / Soap holder can be used to dry out your shampoo bar or soap. Something that is very important to ensure that your shampoo bar or soap lasts a long time. Make sure that this holder is placed in a dry place.


A bag with 3 functions

  1. With the loop you can easily hang the bag on, for example, your shower head. This means you always have the Bar at hand and the Bar can dry out well. Make sure that the bag hangs in a dry place! Otherwise the Bar will melt away.
  2. If your Bar has broken (for example fallen into pieces), you can put the pieces in this bag. You can then wet the bag and the Bar will foam after all!
  3. You can easily store and transport your Bar in this bag. For example when you go on vacation! Handy, right?

Storage/ Travel Tin

With this handy Shampoo Bar storage and travel tin you can store your Shampoo Bar and / or take it with you on a trip with peace of mind. And of course 100% plastic-free! No more hassle with leaking shampoo bottles.