Cleaning Tabs – Glass Cleaner – Sparkling Mint


βœ… Powerful Glass Cleaner
βœ… Cheaper than traditional cleaners
βœ… 1 packet contains 3 tabs
βœ… Each tab = 1 x 750ml bottle
βœ… 100% plastic free
βœ… Fresh Flower scent
βœ… Free from palm oil
βœ… Natural ingredients
βœ… Free from Animal testing
βœ… Made in the Netherlands

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Your bottle + our Tabs = doing a great cleaning job!

Stop paying for 80% tap water and carrying heavy plastic bottles around. This is the very first 100% plastic-free cleaning line in Europe: HappySoaps Cleaning Tabs. With just one Tab and some water, you can turn any plastic (spray) bottle into 750 ml of super-effective and concentrated cleaning agent. 100% plastic-free, vegan, natural and free from palm oil. Discover the future of cleaning!

Why switch to Cleaning Tabs?
Find out below 4 reasons why the plastic-free alternative is much better than a traditional plastic cleaning bottle.

1) Very strong and concentrated cleaning
Our natural Cleaning Tabs consist of concentrated and effective natural ingredients. One spray is enough for a spotless result.

2) 100% plastic-free
Never buy plastic bottles of detergent again. With our Cleaning Tabs you can turn every bottle into your own effective cleaning agent. Better for you and the planet.

3) Much cheaper
The package contains 3 HappySoaps Cleaning Tabs. With 1 Cleaning Tab you can make 750 ml of effective cleaning agent in no time. For example, 1 package equals no less than 3 bottles of cleaning agent! Converted a lot cheaper.

4) Natural cleaning: vegan and palm oil-free
Regular cleaning products not only come in a polluting packaging, the content is also bad for the environment. This is different with our Cleaning Tabs. The packaging and Tabs are completely plastic-free, vegan, palm oil-free and contain natural ingredients. For a conscious, cheerful and natural cleaning.

How do you use the Cleaning Tabs?

1. Fill a bottle with max. 750 ml of water.

2. Add one Cleaning Tab.

3. Wait about 10 minutes for the Tab to dissolve.

4. Just shake and voilΓ ! Ready for a lot of cleaning.


Contains: <5% anionic surfactants, <5% non-ionic surfactants, perfumes, limonene.

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