Chamomile Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle
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Chamomile Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle


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Great for Bleached or Blonde Hair

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Chamomile Down & Carry On Shampoo Bar

A cheerful yellow bar that smells of chamomile. Our Chamomile Down & Carry On Shampoo Bar gives a good interpretation to the well-known English motto. Relaxing, cleansing and caring.

+ Conditioner Bar

This Conditioner Bar gives you the ultimate feeling of peace. Perfect for ending a long day (or starting a new one!) And dreaming away with the delicious scents of chamomile. In addition to these soothing properties, chamomile also softens the hair and prevents skin irritation. The Conditioner Bar makes your hair wonderfully soft. For an optimal hairday, every day!

+ Bamboo Rack for Two Bars

This wooden Shampoo Bar / Soap holder can be used to dry out your shampoo bar or soap. Something that is very important to ensure that your shampoo bars or soap lasts a long time. Make sure that this holder is placed in a dry place.